About Mari’s Glass Jewelry – Wearable Art

Why Glass?

MariKnight-contactMaking jewelry allows Mari to express her creative sense in a highly visual way. Her designs often are inspired by glass itself, through its infinite color combinations.  The harmony produced by layering diverse pieces of multi-colored glass is magical and makes resulting colors unique.  Glass has distinctive and fanciful qualities that transform colors as light passes through or reflects it.  The resulting color combinations are endless and gratifying.  Mari’s jewelry can be in any colors you can imagine!

Technique and Glass Type

Mari uses a glass form technique called “fused glass” (also known as “warm glass”).  Kiln-based, it is distinct from “blowing” or “torching”. Used by Egyptians more than 4,000 years ago, fused glass is one of the oldest glass forming techniques. Mari creates her jewelry primarily using cut glass, fused with precious metals, and heated to about 1500°F (816°C). She often uses  “dichroic glass” to create her jewelry.  “Dichroic” originates from the Greek dikhroo, meaning “two colors”. Invented by NASA for used in space crafts, dichroic glass contains micro-layers of metals, which, when diffused with light, project different colors, one transmitted and the other reflected.  The glass sparkles, shimmers and emits colors that usually complement each other.  The coloration shifts, depending on the angle of view and the direction of light reflected on it.


Mari’s best inspirations come from colors and forms of nature – leaves in the Fall, withering Winter flora, flowers in the Spring, and the brilliance of summer sunshine and the shadows it creates.  She also enjoys inspirations from other art forms, such as paintings, sculpture, architecture,  sometimes stage lighting!

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